June 23, 2021

International Widows' Day

In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 23 as International Widows' Day, to be celebrated annually. Millions of the world's widows endure extreme poverty, ostracism, violence, homelessness, ill health and discrimination in law and custom. International Widows' Day is an opportunity for action towards achieving full rights and recognition for widows - too long invisible, uncounted and ignored.

United Nations Public Service Day

The UN General Assembly has designated June 23 as Public Service Day. The United Nations Public Service Day intends to celebrate the value and virtue of public service to the community; highlight the contribution of public service in the development process; recognize the work of public servants, and encourage young people to pursue careers in the public sector.

National Pecan Sandies Day

National Pink Day

National Pink Day is observed annually on June 23. This day is set aside for the color pink and all it represents. Pink Day is also dedicated to breaking the cycle that creates and perpetuates bullying in schools.