April 18, 2021

National Animal Crackers Day

An animal cracker is a particular type of small cookie baked in the shape of an animal, such as an lion, tiger, bear, or elephant.

International Day For Monuments and Sites

April 18 is annually observed as the International Day for Monuments and Sites. It aims to bring global attention to the need to conserve monuments and sites as our cultural heritage and to celebrate the diversity of this heritage. The idea for observing this day came out of an International Council on Monuments and Sites conference in Tunisia on April 18, 1982.

National Columnist's Day

On National Columnists' Day, observed each year on April 18, we honor all newspaper columnists and their contributions. The day was chosen to honor the a Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist Ernie Pyle who was killed by a Japanese sniper on a Pacific island in 1945.

National Lineman Appreciation Day

National Lineman Appreciation Day is a time to express our utmost appreciation to the great men and women that work so hard for us every day. It's our honor to celebrate the hard work, innovation, and dedication of Electrical Lineworkers.