November 16, 2021

International Day for Tolerance

"UNESCO was created on November 16, 1945, the International Day of Tolerance, on the basis that wars could be avoided if people learned to get to know each other better and understood that, in the fertile diversity of their cultures, that which unites them is stronger than that which divides them. These principles were reaffirmed 20 years ago in the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance, adopted by UNESCO in 1995". Visit for more information.

National Button Day

Founded in 1938 by the National Button Society, National Button Day recognizes button collecting as an organized hobby.

National Fast Food Day

The oldest fast food chain in the U.S. is White Castle, founded in 1921. McDonald's, founded in 1940, is the world's largest fast food chain with over 35,000 locations across 119 countries.