April 30, 2020

International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is a yearly event on April 30, organized by UNESCO. International Jazz Day aims to bring together communities, schools, artists, historians, academics, and jazz enthusiasts all over the world to celebrate and learn about the art of jazz, its roots, its future and its impact. Jazz is a unique musical style that originated in the southern part of the United States of America, but has its roots in Africa and merges both African and European music traditions.

National Raisin Day

Raisins, like dried apricots, figs, and prunes, are dense sources of energy, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day

On National Hairstylist Appreciation Day, we honor individuals who create artful hairstyles.

National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Oatmeal cookies usually contain sweet brown sugar, cinnamon, hearty oats, chopped nuts, and chewy raisins.

National Bugs Bunny Day

National Bugs Bunny Day is observed each year on April 30. Bugs Bunny is the famous cartoon character best remembered for his roles in Looney Tunes and his catch phrase "What's up, doc?". Bugs Bunny first appeared in a short film on April 30, 1938.

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is observed each year on April 30 to raise awareness for thousands of pets that are waiting for adoption from the shelters.

National Honesty Day

National Honesty Day is celebrated on April 30 in the United States to encourage honesty and straightforward communication in politics, relationships, consumer relations and historical education. It was invented by writer and former press secretary of Maryland, M. Hirsh Goldberg. The last day of April was chosen to contrast with April Fools' Day and to celebrate the anniversary of the inauguration of George Washington on April 30, 1789.

National Sarcoidosis Day

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disease that affects multiple organs in the body, but mostly the lungs and lymph glands. In people with sarcoidosis, abnormal masses or nodules (called granulomas) consisting of inflamed tissues form in certain organs of the body.