May 31, 2019

National Heat Awareness Day

National Heat Awareness Day is observed each year on the last Friday in May. It calls attention to the dangers that rising temperatures can bring.

National Save Your Hearing Day

Each May 31 celebrates National Save Your Hearing Day. It is an important day to take some time to learn about ways to protect your hearing and that of your family.

National Speak in Sentences Day

On National Speak in Sentences Day, people are encouraged to use proper sentence structure while speaking.

National Macaroon Day

A macaroon is a type of small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds, coconut, or other nuts, with sugar, egg white, and food coloring.

World No-Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31. It is intended to encourage a 24-hour period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the globe. The day is further intended to draw attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects.