January 14, 2019

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

Celebrated on the second Monday in January of each year, National Clean Off Your Desk Day was created as an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized work space.

Ratification Day

On January 14, 1784, the Continental Congress ratified the Second Treaty of Paris, ending the War for Independence, i.e. the Revolutionary War between Great Britain and the United States. Britain officially agreed to recognize the independence of its 13 former colonies as the new United States of America.

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Dress Up Your Pet Day was founded by Celebrity Pet Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate Colleen Paige. It is meant to be a fun day that gives pets a little more attention and another way to promote pet adoption.

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Pastrami is typically raw beef or pork brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed.